VFC Jason Oliveira

Jason Oliveira
Jason Oliveira was elected Flotilla Commander for 2022. He is an AUXOP, Instructor, Program Visitor and Vessel Examiner. Jason also holds District and Division offices.


FC April Oliveira

VFC April Oliveira
April Oliveira was elected Vice Flotilla Commander in 2022. She is an AUXOP, Instructor and Program Visitor. She also holds District and Division offices.

IPFC Aaron Leger

VFC Aaron Leger Image
Aaron Leger served as Flotilla Commander for 2020. Aaron is an AUXOP, Coxswain, Instructor, and Vessel Examiner. Aaron also holds District and Division Offices.

Recruiting and Retention

FSO-HR - Joseph Dawicki
FSO-PA - April Oliveira
FSO-DV - Dennis Pacheco


FSO-MT - Kenneth Mingola


FSO-SR - Carol Vachon
FSO-FN - Carol Vachon
FSO-IS - Steven Schaeffer
FSO-MA - Dan Fowler
FSO-CS - John Costa
FSO-PB - Molly Schaeffer


FSO-PE - Mary-Beth Soares
FSO-OP - Robert Harris
FSO-VE - Joe Cabral
FSO-PV - Stephen Mueller
FSO-MS - Jason Oliveira
FSO-CM - Ron Ellis
FSO-NS - Stephen Mueller
FSO-AS - Rona Trachtenberg (AUX Scout)
Safety & Rescue - Manuel "Bryan" Claudio

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