Upcoming Classroom Member Training

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Core Training - Online

New members are required to take both AUXCT and BQC II. There are a few options to complete this training, please follow the BQC II Training Page and the Auxiliary Core Training Page. To complete, take the tests at the NTC site below.

BQC II Training Page

Auxiliary Core Training Page (AUXCT)

AUXCT options for completion:  Click Here

AUXCT videos, PDFs, & PowerPoints:  Click Here

Take tests for AUXCT & BQC II National Testing Center (NTC): Click Here

Intro to Risk Management (IRM) - Online

Take at:  https://auxlearning.uscg.mil/Default.asp

Once taken, it should automatically log into AUXDATA.

Who is required to take IRM:  Click Here

ICS 100 / 700 - Online

ICS courses are taken at the FEMA website

Link to ICS 100:  Click Here

Link to ICS 700:  Click Here

Once completed, send your certificates to the FSO-MT in order to be sent to Cape Office.

Who is required to take ICS 100/700:  Click Here

Specialty Courses - Classroom

Every member can specialize in any or all of six different specialty areas in the operational and administrative fields. Successful completion of your first course entitles you to wear the Specialty Course ribbon. Each additional class entitles you to add a bronze star to the ribbon. After completing six courses, the bronze stars are replaced with a silver star. The six specialty courses are Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOM), Navigation (AUXNAV), Patrols (AUXPAT), Search and Rescue (AUXSC&E), Seamanship (AUXSEA) and Weather (AUXWEA)

  • AUXWEA ~ Weather Specialist
  • AUXSEA ~ Seamanship Specialty
  • AUXCOM ~ Communications Specialty
  • AUXPAT ~ Patrols Specialty
  • AUXNAV ~ Navigation Specialty
  • AUXSC&E ~ Search and Rescue Specialist

Operational Auxiliarist Program (AUXOP)

To learn about the AUXOP Program: Click Here


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