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Historical Background

The Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by Congress in 1939 to assist the Coast Guard in promoting boating safety. We are comprised of 30,000 volunteer members nationwide from all walks of life who receive special training so that we may be a functional part of Coast Guard Forces.

Throughout the past 70 years, Auxiliarists have assisted the Coast Guard in non-law enforcement programs such as public education, vessel safety checks, safety patrols, search and rescue, maritime security and environmental protection and Coast Guard Academy introduction programs for youth.

Today’s Auxiliary does much more. Since the passage of the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1996, the Auxiliary is the “go to” volunteer group that assists the Coast Guard during times of disaster. On average, Auxiliarists volunteer more than 2 million hours  to benefit other boaters and their families.


   CC AUX Application

   CG AUX Association Consent

When directed, please review below and then fill out the application:

  1. Filling out the application, dues, and the security investigation
    1. Personal Cost and Application Guide "Click Here for YouTube Video"
    2. Sample Application "Click Here"
    3. Application Checklist "Click Here"
    4. New Members Dues Schedule "Click Here"

When directed, complete the interview process

  1. What is the Auxiliary (History, Flotilla 65/ARSBC Relationship), Organization
    1. Auxiliary Guide "Click Here for YouTube Video"
    2. Auxiliary New Member Reference Guide "Click Here"
  2. What to expect from the Auxiliary (Missions and Sponsor Form)
    1. Missions Guide "Click Here for YouTube Video"
    2. Sponsor Form "Click Here"
  3. What the Auxiliary expects from its members (uniforms, behavior, mandatory training, involvement)
    1. Auxiliary Expectations Guide "Click Here for YouTube Video"
    2. Mandatory Training includes AUXCT and BQCII. Can be found under member training
    3. Uniforms Guide "Click Here"
    4. Uniform Website "Click Here"
  4. New Member Test "Click Here"
    1. Use the New Member Reference Guide (above) and the AUX Manual "Click Here"
    2. Submit test to FSO-HR
  5. FAQs "Click Here"



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