Auxiliary Forms

  1. Go to the National Auxiliary Web site for forms:
  2. Click on “Email Forms”
    • Forms available include:
    • ANSC 7030- Mission Activity
    • ANSC 7029- Member Activity Log
    • ANSC 7046- RBS Visitation Report
  3. Click on the desired form. The form will pop up in PDF format.
  4. Complete the form as you would a paper form. NOTE: You can fill out the ANSC 7029 Member
    Log and submit it in one sitting but you cannot save a partially complete form without the proper version of Adobe.
  5. Once complete (including remarks and date submitted), fill in the email routing.
  6. On the lower right-hand side there is space for email addresses to submit the form
  7. Enter the FSO-IS Email address ( where indicated.
  8. Enter your Email address where indicated.
  9. Click the red SUBMIT Button.
  10. A copy / receipt will appear on your screen. You can print or save the copy. Saving
    the copy will allow you to copy other people who may have been included in the
    mission (forward a copy via email).